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erin You might be thinking, “What the fuck does sex dating have to do with cultural issues? Is the author of this blog post crazy or just smoking too much pot?” Well, hear me out. Sex dating is actually a microcosm of cultural attitudes and principles. If you were to pay attention to any kind of activity that takes place in any culture, those activities will always have strands of DNA that lead to greater cultural truths.

Sex dating is very big in the United States because it is hard wired to American culture. Sex dating is not going to be as big in other cultural settings. Take a look at traditional settings in Southeast Asia and you would be surprised as to how conservative it is. Now, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Southeast Asia? Isn’t that where Thailand and the naval bases in the Philippines used to be?” Well, listen up. Sex culture is an intersection of class and economics and, of course, sex.

While it is true there are tons of sex workers in Southeast Asia, that in and of itself doesn’t mean that the general or “decent” or “accepted culture” highlight sex as part of its make-up. In fact, Thailand made quite a bit of news recently because there is a crackdown on indecent exposure and prostitution. Thailand, of all places, because Thailand, of course, is well known across the world as a prostitution hotspot. You have to understand that there is a big disconnect between how people really behave, and what people say.

In places like Southeast Asia, there is an accepted culture, but there is also an underlying current of how people really behave. I’m bringing this up because sex dating occupies the same precarious space, culturally speaking, in the United States. The hypocrisy of Southeast Asian attitudes towards sex is hard wired in their cultural DNA. The same applies to sex dating in America because if you were to export that to places like Southeast Asia, it’s not going to pan out.

Family name is extremely important. Group dynamics, meaning cultural stratification, social hierarchy, social climbing, and all that, are combined to come up with some sort of conventional wisdom regarding respectability. Sex dating takes a shit on all of that and destroys it. It’s no surprise that sex dating isn’t really that big in Southeast Asia, or in Japan for that matter. Again, Japan is also a sex hotspot if you know where to look. However, in the United States, sex dating is all the rage. It’s due to the fact that American culture is rooted in the idea of freedom.

Freedom is the reason why America came to be in the first place because it is peopled by rejects from Europe. These were people fleeing religious persecution, these were second sons who were not going to inherit the land of their parents, and all other rejects. So they looked at America as a place for second chances. This experimentation and this high value placed on freedom is what made America great, and what makes America rich. It also leads to the whole idea of sex dating because if you’re free to own yourself, then you’re free to divorce certain parts of yourself from other parts. You are able to separate your physical aspect from your emotional side. I hope you see where I’m coming from.

It’s a brave new world and the jury is still out whether this solves more problems than it creates, or it may be a cultural dead end. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that sex dating is some sort of cultural aberration. It isn’t. During the pre Christian era, and yes, even during particularly hypocritical parts of the Christian era, sex dating has been all the rage. Not much has changed except for our attitudes towards it. Still, a lot is riding on this great experimentation of sex dating with AdultDateFind in America’s long running conversation about the idea of freedom and its power as well as its limits.

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